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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Granny Square Clothing Trend - Fall 2011

Below are some of the fall fashions by House of Hollard. Since I design crochet, some of you may be shocked to know that I have never loved Granny Squares. Back in the 70's I did make my MIL a granny square sweater coat, and maybe you've done the same. I, myself, never wanted to wear an afghan. I learned to crochet back then but I have never liked really bright colors that are mismatched. Now if the colors are complimentary and easy on the eye, such as muted greens and plums, or even pastels, the granny squares wouldn't be so "in your face". I DO love black but would choose more pleasing colors if I were to make an outfit or granny square scarf. As I said 5 years ago, I believe that crochet is "here to stay". If granny squares are making a comeback, then nothing will stop it!

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  1. I love the second and fourth images pictures but don't like the other stuff. And I am not a fan of the socks they decided to pair with these outfits for the runway.

  2. I like the coat though it's not crochet, it's just crochet imitation fabric, as well as dresses and the top. I made a tunic using muted colors with black and when I see these pictures I really regret that I didn't use bright colors. Gotta make a new one! At least a scarf! I go for bright! :))

  3. Pretty cool...WILD, but cool ;)

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