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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amy - An Amazing Beginning Crocheter

She's Amysumrall on Ravelry and I just recently met her. Before long, we connected on Facebook and emailed several times. I really like this girl. Especially since she's what my book, "Crochet That Fits" is all about. She's only been crocheting since November and is already making garments with ease! Please read her story. It has really inspired me to do more with my Graduated Stitch Method of making garments without increases or decreases. It thrills me to make people like this happy with their crocheting. I feel like I should be paying her to be my spokesperson :) Not only did she make the Cap Sleeve Top in the book, but she said my method inspired her to design her own cardigan. I saw it on her blog and it's beautiful! Can't believe she just started 2 months ago. You'll be amazed. Read on....... This is from Amy. Wow! What a gal!

 Conversation with Amy - my comments are in pink

Let’s see, what can I tell you?

I live in south Florida with my hubby, and I have 2 girls. One is a freshman away at college and the other is 3! I design digital scrap booking graphics in my spare time for memory mixer.com. Before being a stay at home mom I was a part time actor in many, many infomercials such as the Black and Decker infra wave oven (that’s the most aired one) and I was the membership director at a private golf and country club. I much prefer being a mommy to any of that. I say "yay" to that, Amy!

I finally learned to crochet around thanksgiving this year, mostly via YouTube videos and I have been obsessed ever since. I had tried making one garment before tackling the Cap Sleeve Top and it was a disaster, I could have fit 3 of me in it. Then I tried your design and was amazed at how easy it was and how well I could be sure it would fit! It gave me a lot of confidence too, to the point where I even designed my own cardigan! Way to go! The pattern is available on my blog: lilbitsandberries.blogspot.com. I have no real desire to design more stuff, I will leave that to experts like you. Besides, I am going to be tied up making every single thing in Crochet That Fits! Each design is stunning and that book will keep me busy for a long time to come!

Thanks for asking to know a little bit more about me! It is a thrill, I think I am your biggest fan!
Awh! I'm blushing now! Thanks for sharing your story Amy!

Amy's Cap Sleeve Top - from Crochet That Fits 
(her first garment as a beginning crocheter) 


  1. Lovely. What a great compliment for your book!

  2. Yes, it is! I love getting emails from people who have been helped with their crochet by my patterns and books :)

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