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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crochet Dresses - Sfilata Salvatore Ferragamo 2011

 A friend (from Ravelry) was kind enough to send me the the link for this crochet dress. She told me that she thought I would be the one to make a dress like this. I appreciate the compliment Mary Ann!  (and your confidence in me :) This is a beautiful dress. She needs something underneath it though! Scroll down for more 2011 fashions.

A nice frilly, feminine and flirty summer dress

I like this look too. I would wear a longer hem and button up the front though! 
LOVE the sandals. In fact, I have supplies to design my own 
and intended to do them last summer. It's good to know they are still in style.

Another pretty crochet dress

This crochet dress is gorgeous!

This dress could be done in macrame or crochet

I love this skirt. It's SO feminine!


  1. Gerat finds. I've been doing a lot of research into the designers that are putting crochet on the runway right now. I'd seen the top dress here but I'd somehow missed the green dress, which I think is absolutely adorable. I may have to try to find a pattern similar to that one.

  2. I believe the long white dress is knitted and wrong side is used as a right side.

  3. I think you're right about that Natalia! It's amazing how many people say that knitted things are crochet. You could do this dress in crochet too.

  4. Well, I adore this dress, so I took a close look. I even want to make one like that but didn't decide what yarn to use, because cotton wouldn't keep shape very good and I can't always be upright. :)) Any suggestions? Crochet might help though but it would be different and I like this particular look.

  5. If you're talking about the long white dress, I'd use a fingering wt yarn, but no bigger than a # 3 (DK wt) I know what you mean about cotton. It would also be heavy and would stretch. What about Caron Spa, which is a # 3, or even Luster Sheen? It's here: http://www.redheart.com/yarn/luster-sheen Luster Sheen is an acrylic which looks and feels more like cotton, but wouldn't be heavy. It's a # 2, and used to make clothing.

  6. The link again is: (for Luster Sheen)

  7. Mary Jane:

    I would really like to make caramel colored dress--won't you make a pattern?!

  8. I was actually looking for the first dress on this page, and I found your site. Are you able to make these dresses?

  9. I would definitely make and wear the green/khaki dress but would make it a tea length. Absolutely gorgeous! So when are you publishing a crochet dress book, Mary Jane? :-)

  10. I wish I had time to do that right now!!!! Maybe someday :)

  11. How would you make the shells in the skirt of the first dress??? I'm recreating one and I'm having a little problem with that!

  12. Looking for the 6th dress on this page. Can I order or buy it somewhere.Please advise, thanks arauna@hotmail.co.uk

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