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Monday, January 24, 2011

Crochet and Macrame on Runway for 2011

 I am thrilled that fashion designers are doing crochet and macrame clothing for 2011!!! When crochet came back in style full force 6 yrs ago, some experts were saying, "Crochet is here to stay!" I have believed that for a long time, because the crochet garments of today are nothing like the stiff, boxy crochet of the 60's era. According to Marian Kihogo (a website on Fashion) designers such as Gucci, Dior, Cavalli and others are featuring bohemian-meets-hippie trend of the 70's. I'm happy because not only do I design crochet garments and accessories, but I was really into macrame in the 70's. I made and sold macrame tables, hanging lamps, wall hangings, hanging plant holders, purses and other items. I was obsessed with it back then! About 5 years ago when ponchos became the "in" thing, I made a beautiful macrame poncho, (out of yarn) but could not find anyone who was publishing books on this at that time. I just may try to go for it now! For sure I will be posting my macrame poncho on this blog soon!

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