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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Blog Tour Begins Today, Aug 4! Colorful Crochet Lace

It's finally here! Today is the day I've been waiting for. Since Colorful Crochet Lace was released in July, the publisher (Interweave/F+W) and I are launching the book release with a book blog tour that I hope you will follow! Thank you Tommy Semosh, for doing such a great job!

I'm very proud and honored to have the designers on board who have agreed to take their time to post about the book on their designated day. We're kicking this off today at Vickie Howell's website , so please go there after you read this post. Some will do a review of the book, while others will post an interview they did with me as the designer and author of the book. Many of them will be hosting a giveaway of the book as well, so I hope you will follow the tour and read what each participant has to say. At least 4 have actually worked up a project in the book and will be posting their photos! I'm excited! Thank you for following the tour and especially for your support. Schedule is listed below.
Vickie Howell TV Personality
Please pass this info to all your crochet friends!

1st stop on the tour - http://vickiehowell.com

  Colorful Crochet Lace Book Blog Tour

  1. Knit Crochet Craft – Vickie Howell (Mary Jane will be Vickie's guest blogger that day, kicking off the tour 8/4)
  2. Outstanding Crochet – Natalia Kononova (review and promotional giveaway 8/5) +photos of her project
  3. Bonnie Bay – Bonnie Barker (review, interview, and promotional giveaway 8/6) She's making a project
  4. Crochetville – Amy Shelton (she'll show the Au Naturel Top she made, review, promotional giveaway 8/7) Amy made the Au Natural Cropped Top and will share her picturesj
  5. My Little City Girl – Alla Koval (she'll show the Juliette Scarf she made , interview, and review 8/10). Alla made a project which she will share.
  6. Yarn Thing Podcast – Marly Bird (author interview podcast 8/13)
  7. Hook & Needle Designs – Lisa Gentry (8/14)
  8. GoCrochet – Ellen Gormley (review and author interview) (8/17)
  9. Turquoiz Blue – This is Crochet - Turquoiz Blue (8/18)
  10. Cute Crochet Chat – Jocelyn Sass (review and promotional giveaway 8/19)
  11. Hot Lava Crochet – Tammy Hildebrand (interview, review, and promotional giveaway 8/20)
  12. The Crochet Architect – Susan Lowman 8/21
  13. Crochet Renee – Renee Rogers 8/24
  To order Colorful Crochet Lace click HERE. To see all the designs in the book of 22 lace garments and accessories, please visit my Ravelry designer page HERE.

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  1. I just received my new debit card today, MaryJane--so I hope to have your new book by the time I go to the hospital on the 13th! At least now I'll have something GOOD to look forward to this month! Good luck on your tour!

  2. It's good you got your credit card Kathy, but not so good about the hospital part. Maybe you are explaining that in your email I got a couple days ago. Just haven't had time to look at it yet but I will soon! I've been swamped with more interviews!